CRM- Customer Relationship Management – Customer Relationship Management Systems companies own CRM- Customer Relationship Management - Customer Relationship Management Systems is a system that companies use to better manage their relations with their customers and potential customers. According to this system, the more information a company has about its customers, the more successfully it can compete in the market. The system integrates every process between the customer and the company. CRM is a system that supports the growth of the business, integrates with social media and regulates relations with customers. If you want to grow your business successfully, you need to manage customer relationships. This means you need to have a CRM system integrated into your business processes. With the help of CRM you will be able to build a customer base. You can place customer notes and tasks in the system and send them SMS or e-mail notifications.

Services we offer

Financial Management, Accounting, Sales and Marketing + CRM.

It is a system and software package used for monitoring daily operations such as reporting, sales, customers, employees and project management. The essence of this software is to manage all business processes of the company through a single system.

  • Employee Information System
  • Salary Control
  • Customer Information System
  • Primary Accounting System
  • Single Language or Multi-Language Option
  • Contract Forms
  • Mail Marketing
  • Employee Task Management
  • Sales Management
  • Weekly or Daily backup system

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